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Approving the factory where production will take place is the last step in the process of selecting a vendor. We verify whether the selected factory has the resources to complete your order on time and that the products will be made in good conditions.

The factory audit has three objectives:

•to evaluate the production capacity of the vendor;

•to evaluate quality management system and its efficiency; and

•to estimate the vendor’s capability to work with your company.


The primary drivers of supply chain issues at the production level historically have been product quality and production timing. However, in recent years, social and ethical awareness became an increasingly important component of supply chain management. Consumer and client demand in this area has resulted in a significant regulatory impact. It is vital that all stakeholders are assured of complete compliance with current regulatory law.

Priciso provides a cost effective solution to avoid social compliance issues. Employing a multi-pronged approach using proven investigative techniques to gather and corroborate factory information, our auditors independently conduct factory walk through, records analysis, audit all factory operations, and comprehensive worker interviews, based on local law & regulations and globally recognized compliance benchmarks. A social compliance audit covers the following categories:

•Child Labor Laws

•Forced Labor Laws

•Discrimination Laws

•Minimum Wage Laws


•Working Hours

•Overtime Wages

•Social Benefits

•Safety and Health

•Protection of the Environment

The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), launched in November 2001, is a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and focused on improving the security of private companies' supply chains with respect to terrorism.

C-TPAT recognized that CBP can provide the highest level of cargo security only through close cooperation with the ultimate owners of the international supply chain such as importers, carriers, consolidators, licensed customs brokers, and manufacturers. Priciso performs supply chain security audits against all C-TPAT global and regional requirements to ensure:

•Outside Barriers and Physical Security

•Factory Internal Security

•Factory Staff Security

•Shipping Dock Security

•Key and Seal Controls

•Security Processes

•Container and Merchandise Movement

•Computer Systems Security and Controls

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