The first step in selling goods overseas is not complete until the customer has physically received the consignment. Much attention must be paid to the final part of the order cycle which involves completing the documentation requirements.

Document preparation is not an easy task.  The volume and variety of customs documentation required for shipping international shipment seem daunting but it is a crucial part of doing business abroad. Errors in documentation are very costly. Any mistakes may delay the consignment which might be held up in a warehouse under customs control. More importantly, the delay would cause the loss of confidence by your customer.

Thankfully, Priciso makes the job easier! Completing the documentation for your international shipments shouldn’t be a task you dread.

Priciso is able to prepare all documentation that may be required from customs clearance and check the correctness of the documents prepared by you, to ensure that documents are correct to avoid customs delays and penalty. Additionally, we could help to review the “Letter of Credit” terms and provide opinion on how to avoid documents presented under discrepancy.

The range of import and export permits and certificates required varies depending on the countries of origin and/or destination. These requirements can change on a regular basis. Priciso is up-to-date with worldwide government regulations and can facilitate all of your regulatory and border requirements, ensuring your goods are declared correctly and transit smoothly through authorities to their final destination.

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