We know that your success depends on the satisfaction of your customers. That is why Priciso offers various inspection services in different production stages to help you minimize the risk of producing defective goods by detecting any quality problems.

Our inspection team of professionals with high level of product expertise verifies that your products would meet all specifications in the factory at any stage of production:

•Pre-Production Meeting

Pre-production meeting shall be performed before the start of production. A complete size set is checked for measurement and workmanship. At this stage, we ensure our clients that the products are compliant with the approved samples and the production method is correct. Furthermore, the pre-production meeting aims to identify and resolve potential quality problems in bulk production.

•During Production Inspection

During production inspection shall be performed at different stages of the manufacturing cycle to identify problems as early as possible and allow for immediate corrective action.  Units of the ordered quantity covering all colors and sizes are ready are checked for measurement and workmanship.

•Pre Shipment Inspection

Our pre-shipment inspection offers you independent and professional verification of the quality, quantity, marking, packing and loading of your shipments, helping you meet quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements.

As a value-added service on critical orders, we can monitor your production and report daily to identify and fix problems on a real-time basis.

Since consumers are constantly in close contact with garments, the need for safety and quality is paramount. Thanks to our global network and expertise, we can help you satisfy such demand wherever you and your suppliers are based.

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Price per Man-Day

Major Asian Production Hubs

US$250 (Inclusive)

Other Regions

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